Bali Safari’s Conservation Efforts: Saving the Javan Gibbon Species with BKSDA


GIANYAR, Indonesia, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Conservation is the preservation or protection of natural resources. It involves efforts to safeguard, maintain, and care for natural resources to ensure their continued existence and sustainability for current and future generations. In Indonesia, BKSDA, stands for Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (Natural Resource Conservation Center), plays a crucial role in managing conservation areas, including nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, both within and outside their natural habitats.

Bali Safari as a Conservation Institution: Since 2007, Bali Safari has been operating as a dedicated conservation institution in Bali. Its mission is to provide a safe haven for animals, replicating their natural habitats. Over the years, Bali Safari has successfully cared for and released endangered animals that were once captured for illegal trade. Notably, BKSDA has entrusted Bali Safari with the care of specific animals, including Rose, the Javan Gibbon.

BKSDA Entrusts Javan Gibbon to Bali Safari: On May 23, 2018, Rose was handed over to Bali Safari. Initially rescued by BKSDA from confiscation, Rose was a mere 3 months old at the time. Recognizing the need for proper care and rehabilitation, BKSDA decided to entrust Rose to Bali Safari.

Rose, the Javan Gibbon at Bali Safari: Bali Safari welcomed this opportunity with enthusiasm, leaving no stone unturned to ensure Rose’s well-being and recovery. A professional veterinary team provided excellent healthcare, while keepers showered Rose with love and provided maximum care. Several months later, Rose finally found a new home in a beautiful exhibit, where she could express her natural behaviors.

Bali Safari’s Commitment to Conservation: As one of the largest conservation organizations in Bali, Bali Safari Park actively participates in wildlife conservation, rescue, and rehabilitation. Ayudis Husadhi, Husbandry Manager of Bali Safari, stated, “As proof of Bali Safari’s commitment to this program, we also rehabilitate animals that have been rescued by the BKSDA team, such as this Javan gibbon named Rose.”

This story underscores the importance of protecting and conserving wildlife. Let’s collectively raise awareness about their presence on this Earth because without them, our ecosystem, would not function as they should. Bali Safari continues to commit to being at the forefront of wildlife conservation efforts in accordance with the spirit of conservation that is carried consistently to this day.

To explore more stories about Bali Safari’s conservation efforts and the incredible work they do, visit Bali Safari’s official website.


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