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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Awards.Photos, the world’s leading photography contest, hosted by Seed.Photo, is making headlines with its groundbreaking approach to celebrating artistic excellence and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. With prestigious patronage from FIAP, Eurasia, and Seed.Photo, Awards.Photos is revolutionizing the way photographers showcase their talent and earn recognition on a global scale.

“As a judge for Awards.Photos, I am truly inspired by the level of talent and creativity in the photography industry. Awards.Photos goes beyond being a competition; it is a platform that embraces cutting-edge technologies like blockchain to ensure copyright protection and ownership for photographers. It’s an exciting time to be part of this industry and witness the positive impact technology can have on artists.” – Julia Artemyeva, MFIAP Judge.


In addition to the prestigious patronage of FIAP, Eurasia, and Seed.Photo, Awards.Photos offers photographers an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their talent and be rewarded for their creativity. Medals, including 18 FIAP medals, 18 Eurasia medals, and 18 Awards medals, along with 10 Ambassador Medals, recognize excellence in various categories.

“NFT Photography holds the power to revolutionize the entire digital art industry, for it recognizes and celebrates photography as the very essence, the mother, of our digital world. Through NFTs, photographers can unlock unprecedented opportunities, enabling them to showcase their unique perspectives, preserve the authenticity of their work, and redefine the value of visual storytelling in the digital realm. This exciting fusion of art and technology signals a new era where the true essence of photography finds its rightful place at the forefront of our digital landscape.” – Alex Atashkar, Co-founder of Seed.Photo

With a focus on merging artistry and technology, Awards.Photos empowers photographers to mint their digital creations as NFTs, ensuring authenticity and unique ownership by leveraging blockchain, Awards.Photos tackles the issue of copyright protection, providing photographers with the means to safeguard their work in the digital age.

“We believe in the transformative power of photography, as it holds the essence of the digital world within its captivating frames, at Awards.Photos, we celebrate the artistry and innovation of photographers while pioneering cutting-edge technology like blockchain to protect their creative genius. With the fusion of photography and blockchain, we redefine the boundaries of copyright protection and empower photographers to safeguard their work in the digital age. Join us on this remarkable journey where the mother of the digital world, photography, finds its truest expression and immortality.” – Parsa Haghighi, Co-founder of Awards.Photos

Photographers from all backgrounds and levels of expertise can participate in Awards.Photos and stand a chance to win prestigious accolades. The contest offers a remarkable array of awards, including cash prizes, medals, and honorable mentions, totaling 64 medals and 180 honorable mentions across various categories.

“As we celebrate the artistry and innovation of photographers worldwide, Awards.Photos strives to create a platform where creativity knows no bounds. We invite photographers from around the world to join us on this extraordinary journey. Let your creativity soar, push boundaries, and leave a lasting impression with your art. Awards.Photos is the platform where your talent will be recognized and celebrated.” – Parsa Haghighi, Co-founder of Awards.Photos

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About Awards.Photos

Awards.Photos is a leading photography contest that celebrates the artistry and innovation of photographers worldwide. With its unique blend of technology and creativity, the platform empowers photographers to showcase their talent, monetize their work through NFTs, and gain recognition on a global scale. Under the distinguished patronage of FIAP, Eurasia, and Seed.Photo, Awards.Photos is redefining the photography industry.

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