Angelalign’s Global and Digital Future: Hu Jiezhang Ascends as New CEO and CTO


Angelalign Welcomes Hu Jiezhang as New CEO and CTO, Spearheading Global Expansion and Digital Transformation in Orthodontics

Shanghai, China, July 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — June 30th marked a significant milestone for ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. (6699.HK) (“Angelalign”) as the company welcomed Hu Jiezhang to the helm as the new CEO and CTO. Angelalign disclosed this leadership transition following the resignation of the previous CEO, Li Huamin, for personal and family reasons.

Li, a strategic powerhouse at Angelalign and a highly esteemed figure, is not cutting her ties with the company. On the contrary, she will pivot to a strategic advisory role, channeling her expertise to further shape and foster the company’s growth. This shift in leadership introduces a fresh phase for Angelalign as Hu, an accomplished technologist, has an in-depth understanding of the company’s international presence fortified by his profound insight into the dental sector. Hu’s appointment signals a crucial step in accelerating Angelalign’s drive for global expansion, building upon its established foothold in key dental markets such as Europe, the US, and Australia.


Embracing Global Expansion

Holding his expertise in international operations and digital technology, Hu Jiezhang is ready to inherit and further Angelalign’s global ambitions. Having been an integral part of the board for three years, Hu has had a hand in steering the company’s strategic decisions, gaining a clear grasp of its course. This, coupled with the company’s successful ventures into diverse markets, a legacy left by Li, his predecessor, has laid a firm foundation. Hu now looks to merge Angelalign’s domestic achievements with international opportunities, bolstering the company’s formidable global presence. The acquisition of Aditek is seen as a strategic move, strengthening Angelalign’s position in South America and reflecting its commitment to ascend as a global player in the orthodontic industry.

In a recent correspondence, Li drew attention to Hu’s background, stating, “Hu’s broad experience in leading technology-intensive enterprises and navigating international markets embodies Angelalign’s fundamental ethos.” She confirmed that Hu’s proficiency would be instrumental to Angelalign’s strides in digital orthodontics, a cornerstone of its innovative strategy. She also unveiled Hu’s vision for Angelalign’s global strategy, which pivots on three key elements: leveraging technology, enhancing localization in international markets, and implementing a digital-centric approach. Li’s statement was filled with unwavering faith in Hu, stating, “I have utmost confidence in Hu’s ability to steer Angelalign’s vision of revolutionizing global orthodontic treatment through digital transformation.”

Pushing Digital Boundaries in Dentistry

In recognizing the significant role of digitalization in the future of orthodontics, Hu aims to harness his technical expertise and industry insights to shape Angelalign’s transformative path. Firstly, his long tenure in information technology companies has given him a unique vantage point to envision and direct the seamless integration of advanced tech solutions within the dental space. Secondly, his noteworthy contributions at the intersection of dental science and digital technology underline his capability to propel innovative changes in the industry. Lastly, Hu envisions a future where digitalization plays a central role in Angelalign’s growth, revolutionizing its operations from production to customer service, thereby setting new benchmarks in the global orthodontic landscape.

Hu, in reflecting on his practical experience, highlights his successful launch of a sizable dental enterprise three years ago, where he harnessed technology to address industry challenges such as inefficiency and talent shortages. In terms of future direction, Hu notes, “The merging of technology and orthodontics is not a remote dream, but a tangible reality we are determinedly working to establish.” His approach values the individuality inherent in orthodontics, where treatments are often case-based. Through AI algorithms, he believes simpler, more accurate rules can be developed, enhancing the level of personalized solutions doctors can provide. Simultaneously, he acknowledges the pivotal role of digital tools in boosting practitioner efficiency. With a keen understanding that doctors need full-scale support beyond exceptional products, Hu is committed to exploiting AI and digital tools within dentistry. Angelalign, under his guidance, is set to provide comprehensive digital assistance throughout the treatment process, reinforcing the company’s global standing in digital orthodontics.

Hu Jiezhang’s Vision for Angelalign

In recognition of Angelalign’s localized approach in global markets, Hu acknowledges the critical role of assembling and cultivating dedicated local teams to serve customers effectively. Hu seeks to actively identify and nurture individuals with a strong grasp of digital technology and international business dynamics. Furthermore, he envisions fostering a corporate environment that promotes innovation and inclusivity, positioning Angelalign to draw in top professionals globally. Through this approach, Hu aspires to equip Angelalign with the essential human resources required to advance technologically and tackle the intricacies of international commerce, thereby reinforcing its stature in the global orthodontics arena.

Moving beyond merely extending the company’s global footprint, Hu plans to enhance Angelalign’s customer-centric model further, refining the patient experience through inventive use of digital technology. His leadership seeks to cultivate collaborations with local dental communities in each market Angelalign enters. In addition, Hu aims to capitalize on his in-depth industry knowledge to craft a harmonious balance of local adaptation and global standardization. These initiatives, guided by Hu, are positioned to define a fresh standard of excellence and propel Angelalign into its next stage of growth.

Charting Angelalign’s Global Future

In conclusion, Hu Jiezhang’s appointment as Angelalign’s new CEO and CTO signals a vibrant era of digital transformation and worldwide growth for the company. Backed by his extensive experience and strategic insight, Hu is poised to chart the company’s path into the leading dental markets worldwide, while harnessing state-of-the-art digital technologies to innovate orthodontic solutions. Undoubtedly, this path may present challenges, yet with Hu’s leadership and Angelalign’s dedication to innovation and customer-centricity, the company stands ready to address these effectively. As the digital, global future of the orthodontics industry swiftly approaches, Angelalign, under Hu’s guidance, stands prepared to continue its path of steadfast progress, maintaining the high-quality orthodontic service it is lauded for, while perpetuating its mission to deliver smiles worldwide.


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