Aligned Franchisee Association Achieves Milestone with Over 50% of Franchised Units, Solidifying Position as Leading Voice in The Joint Chiropractic Network


DALLAS, Aug. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Aligned Franchisee Association (AFA) proudly announces the significant milestone of representing a majority of all franchised units within The Joint Chiropractic network. With over 50% of franchised clinics now united under the AFA, the association has emerged as the leading advocate and voice for franchisees in the esteemed Joint Chiropractic brand. This achievement is a testament to the growing unity among franchisees and the compelling vision the AFA offers for the brand’s future.

Alexander Klaus, President of the Aligned Franchisee Association, expressed enthusiasm for this accomplishment, stating, “This is a great development for our brand. We are thrilled to have crossed the critical 50% threshold in less than three months, and we extend a warm invitation to all remaining franchisees to join. Together, we will address the crucial performance issues we’re facing.”

Moreover, the Aligned Franchisee Association seeks to foster a harmonious and collaborative relationship with the franchisor, The Joint Corp. (NASDAQ: JYNT), and requests that they formally recognize the AFA and immediately open a channel of dialogue. By reaffirming an understanding of shared interests between franchisee and franchisor, the AFA intends to spur innovation and improvement for the concept. Despite several significant challenges, the business model continues to prove resilient. “The Joint Chiropractic has truly revolutionized the chiropractic industry and continues to improve quality of life for millions of patients every year,” Klaus emphasized. 


The AFA partly attributes its success to a popular series of webinars hosted for its members. Teresa DiGiuseppe, a franchisee and Board member of the AFA, remarked, “As The Joint Corp. has increasingly become focused on owning and operating its own clinics, the franchisee system has stepped up to fill the void of support provided to our fellow owners. Our webinars share best practices on a broad range of topics, and have been invaluable in strengthening our franchisee network.” The AFA is also negotiating discounted rates with certain vendors that AFA members will benefit from.

The Aligned Franchisee Association is comprised of a diverse group of franchisees, from single-unit owners to the two largest operators in the country, Joint Ventures and PACE Joint Interests, and is represented by a public-facing Board of Directors. “This Board is a remarkable group of seven franchisees, with six of us currently or previously serving on The Joint Corp. franchisee advisory board. Furthermore, the Board members collectively own and operate 140+ clinics and include two regional developers. It’s a ‘who’s who’ of Joint franchisees that have been leading this brand for the last 10-12 years,” added Teresa.

Dr. Patrick Greco, a chiropractor and Board member of the AFA, added, “Just like a person’s spine, a company is not healthy when it is misaligned. The mission of the AFA is to heal the misalignment we’re experiencing.” For franchisees eager to set a new course for the brand, the Aligned Franchisee Association invites all to join its ranks.

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About the Aligned Franchisee Association (AFA):

The Aligned Franchisee Association (AFA) is an independent franchisee association whose members are franchisees of The Joint Chiropractic. Representing the majority of all franchisees, the AFA aims to address crucial performance issues, offer support and resources, and collaborate with the franchisor and other stakeholders to build a successful brand that is poised for long-term growth.


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