Adam Caller, CEO of Tutors International, Endorses Call for Revision of Private School Tax Exemptions


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Private School, Historical Building
Private School, Historical Building

OXFORD, UK, June 14, 2023 — Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of Tutors International has today voiced his support for the UK Labour Party’s discussions around revoking the charitable status and tax breaks of private schools. This perspective from a key industry figure underlines the shifting attitudes in education, shedding light on the longstanding debate about the equity of education funding.

The recent article in “The Economist,” titled “Should you send your children to private school?” prompted Caller’s remarks. The piece covered the pros and cons of private education in the UK and the US, including the changing landscape of university admissions and the escalating private education costs.

Caller, a seasoned expert in the global education industry, said, “Private schools, in essence, are private businesses. I’ve always found it baffling that they’ve enjoyed certain tax benefits not typically afforded to other enterprises. Revising this status could pave the way to fairer competition in the education sector.”

Caller did recognise there are unique circumstances where additional support may be necessary, such as historical schools, which play a vital role in preserving national heritage, or hospital schools, serving a specific public need. “These are rare cases where tax exemptions could be justified, possibly in collaboration with organisations like the National Trust,” Caller added.

Noting that private tuition is already subject to taxation, Caller argued that this potential move could be a turning point for the industry. He emphasised that private tuition often yields superior results compared to traditional schooling. “The benefits of individualised learning are undeniable, with data often showcasing improved academic performance and university placements,” he said.

Caller concluded by suggesting this potential legislative change could ultimately shift the public’s perception of private tuition. He stated, “As private tutors, we’ve seen the exceptional outcomes achieved through personalised education. If private schools were to be taxed as any other business, it could make private tuition an even more economically favourable route.”

With his vast experience and expertise, Caller reaffirms his commitment to fostering fairness and quality in education. His comments reflect a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of education and underline his relentless pursuit of optimising educational outcomes for all.

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