62.6% of the Surveyed Businesses Use App Development Software for Developing Applications: GoodFirms Survey


App development software solutions reduce the involvement of developers in tedious coding tasks, improving efficiency, according to 59.3% of the surveyees.

Washington, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GoodFirms, a universally renowned B2B ratings and reviews platform, released its recent survey research report,”Challenges, Tips, and the Future of App Development Software Market.” The survey aims to gather a few tips, analyze the challenges associated with building, hosting, and deploying applications. The survey also attempts to predict the future of app development software market.


GoodFirms survey reveals a few factors driving the growth of the app development software market, which includes technological advancements, regulatory measures, and customer demands. According to the survey, around 13.7% of the respondents said they plan to adopt the app development software in the future, while 23.7% are yet to use the software.

This research on app development software  also tried analyzing the factors that the surveyed businesses considered when selecting the right low-code, no-code application platform; about 61.9% of the respondents favored customization, 55.4% of them says should have seamless integration capabilities, 51.3% stated use cases, 47.6% added scalability, 42.8% mentioned security features, 39.1% opted for budget-friendly.

Restricted customizations (64.8%), lack of integration options (59.4%), scalability issues (52.3%), limited freedom to experiment (51.9%), rigid templates (45.1%), security concerts (38.5%) are the challenges faced while using the app development software.

GoodFirms also attempted to find out the most common reasons that made businesses opt for app development software, where the majority 69.4% of the surveyed businesses mentioned  faster app development, 51.9% of businesses opted for agile development methodologies, nearly 47.3% chose cost reduction, 32.5% indicated the reason as reduced backlogs, 11.2% for tech talent shortage, and less than 8% could not opt for heavy software development.

Regarding the future of app development software market, the survey gathered insights that  the integration of the low-code/no-code app development platforms with evolving technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, Blockchain, and 5G will surely lead to advancements and improved efficiency of the application development software. 

“With regard to the app development cost,  the platform comes with varied pricing structures such as free, subscription-based, per-user-per app pricing, usage-based pricing, and enterprise licensing,” clarified GoodFirms survey.

Key Findings:

  • 31.8% of the surveyed businesses said that using app development software solutions has led to a rise in citizen developers.
  • About 48.1% of the surveyees asserted that developing mobile applications with software is much quicker and cheaper.
  • About 39.3% of surveyed businesses mentioned that app development platforms are beneficial for getting agile solutions.
  • For 58.1% of the survey responders, app development software has reduced app development costs.
  • Faster app development and reduced cost are the major benefits of using no-code app development software.

About Research:
GoodFirms Survey- Transforming Your Idea into Applications: Challenges, Tips, and the Future of App Development Software Marketqueried 640 businesses about their adoption of the application development software and their experience using it.

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