2024’s Most Hazardous Electronic Appliances Uncovered


Austin, March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Austin, Texas –

In an eye-opening analysis conducted by Wise Workman, the veil has been lifted on the most hazardous electronic appliances in American homes, spotlighting the urgent need for increased consumer awareness and vigilance.


The comprehensive study, leveraging data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), has brought to light the startling figures and trends of injuries associated with consumer electronic products across the United States.

The electric safety research unveils that sound recording and reproducing equipment, surprisingly, leads the pack in causing the most injuries, with 45,728 incidents reported in 2022 alone.

Close on its heels, small kitchen appliances and refrigerators and freezers have been identified as significant contributors to household accidents, with tens of thousands of injuries documented. Such findings underscore the pervasive risks that seemingly benign appliances pose to daily life.

Alarmingly, children under the age of 10 account for a significant portion of these injuries, highlighting a grave concern for young families. The elderly, particularly women aged 85 and older, face the highest risk of hospital admissions due to accidents involving these appliances, suffering from a range of severe injuries from fractures to head traumas.

Safety First: Recommendations for Consumers

To combat these hidden dangers, Wise Workman advocates for the following measures:

Regular Inspections: Annual check-ups by certified professionals to ensure appliances are in optimal working condition.

Consumer Education: Increased awareness about the potential risks associated with electronic appliances and how to mitigate them.

Safety Standards Compliance: Encouragement for manufacturers to adhere to the highest safety standards and for consumers to prioritize products that meet or exceed these guidelines.

Emergency Preparedness: Education on emergency response in the event of an appliance-related accident, including first-aid measures and when to seek medical attention.

State-Specific Initiatives

Acknowledging the varied landscape of appliance safety across the U.S., Wise Workman calls on state authorities to tailor their consumer safety initiatives, focusing on maintenance and repair awareness to address the specific needs and challenges within their jurisdictions.

About Wise Workman

Wise Workman is a platform that understands homeowners’ frustrations when finding trustworthy contractors. The brand is dedicated to enhancing consumer safety through research, education, and advocacy. By analyzing extensive data and promoting awareness, Wise Workman aims to safeguard households from the unseen dangers of everyday appliances, ensuring a safer environment for all Americans.


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